A list of things you need to start appreciating

(Feel free to add on in the comments✨)

1) The first rain of autumn
2) Stepping on crunchy leaves
3) Meeting new friends
4) Beautiful sunsets
5) Cookies
6) Singing to your favourite song when it comes on the radio
7) Collecting shiny, pleasant things
8) Birthdays
9) Reading before bed
10) Travelling to new, faraway places
11) Touching the lives of all those you know
12) Hugs
13) Compliments from strangers
14) Smiles
15) Hearing a good song for the first time
16) New beginnings
17) Re-reading excerpts from your favourite book
18) Smell of coffee
19) Coffee
20) The shelter you live in
21) Late night/early morning adventures
22) Finger painting
23) Petting dogs/cats
24) Healing
25) Long walks and deep talks
26) Seeing rainbows
27) Freshness of winter
28) The food you eat
29) Full moons
30) Crescent moons
31) Finding something you thought you had lost
32) Singing while alone
33) Kicking old habits
34) Taking naps
35) Improving yourself
36) Finding the perfect pair of shoes
37) Standing up for yourself
38) Feeling proud and accomplished
39) Inside jokes
40) Receiving compliments
41) Taking days off to do nothing
42) Starting to see the good again after bad days
43) Being a part of the good in the world
44) Realizing that you’re never truly alone
45) All the people you’re yet to meet
46) Winning over your emotions
47) Finding a balance in everything
48) Creating new dreams to conquer
49) Balloons
50) The nature
51) Sunshine
52) Your parents
53) Learning to love yourself
54) Overcoming fears
55) Being forgiven
56) Inside jokes
57) Getting a step closer to your dream every day
58) Talking to an old friend
59) Ability to read and write
60) The sky
61) Sunsets and sunrises
62) Being appreciated by others
63) Setting goals
64) Diaries and journals
65) Good music
66) Your friends
67) Cats and dogs
68) Getting through another year
69) Paints
70) History
71) Kids who make you smile
72) Your favourite singer
73) Glitter and colours
74) Harry Potter/other fandoms
75) Good health
76) Weekends
77) Learning from your mistakes
78) Good hair days
79) Tiny yet significant victories
80) Making someone smile
81) Wishing someone well
82) Having a well-wisher
83) Your favourite movie
84) Pizza
85) Sunny winter days
86) Taking a holiday after following a long, hectic schedule
87) Massages
88) Hot water bath
89) Chocolate
90) Not having to set an alarm for the next day
91) Cozy scarves and socks
92) Soft fur blankets
93) Alone time
94) Chirping of the birds early morning
95) Pyjamas
96) Sharing a smile with a stranger
97) Being understood
98) Flowers
99) Cold side of the pillow
100) Your favourite scent


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