24th December, 2016

(An entry I made while I was travelling in Tokyo, Japan and met the loveliest people ever, having the happiest time of my life. One could see it in the smile.)
Dear diary,
There’s so much to look forward to in life currently and for the first time in forever, I am not letting anything hold me back. I feel grateful for this wonderful world, its people, the trees, the melodies, the food, the books, everything that has ever existed. Today, I smiled so much that my jaw is paining. I have always loved travelling, but here it is different. It feels like I am carrying home within myself, and it’s sticking with me without any demands. I don’t believe in things happening by luck or chance, but this feels exactly like it. For the bad days I have mentioned to you about, the ones when things seemed so hard I simply wanted to erase them..in this moment, I would like to take all of it back if I could. Those days would’ve seemed worth it if only I knew life was going to gift these precious moments in the near future. Now they make sense, all of the negativity, uncertainty, hurt and disappointments, for they’ve lead to something bigger and worthwhile. I think this is life’s way of neutralizing everything, of maintaining a balance and of striking in accord with the universe that’s full of ups and downs. And it’s okay. After all, everyone needs some balance to exist. It’s getting cold here, but surprisingly, warmth is still clinging onto me. Thank you for holding my words of hope safely for the times I know I’ll need them. You are the only one I count on. I wish I could freeze time. Write to you soon! 



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