Expressing gratitude to my diary

Dear diary,

You are my best friend, a preciously extended part of my soul that I’ve created willingly, providing it with extra care. I’ve woven you intricately like a fine piece of cloth, only the thread and needle are my words, and to my surprise, they’re mimicking the task just fine. 

You have been my savior cum campinion through this dreary yet enthralling journey of life, making every moment worthwhile, including the embarassing situations and bumpy life-changing events. I can laugh with you even in the most serious situations. Be it laughing at myself or laughing at life itself, I believe you laugh along. After all, I can only believe.

People question me for the uncertainty of penning down my emotions. But, it’s the people. And you know, just as much as me now, how shallow they can be. They can’t see the ecstasy and warmth that fills up my heart when I shuffle through your pages and reflect back on my past, visualizing my future, and concluding how the graph of my life has only gone up, despite me reaching the lowest of lows. 

You carefully maintain the statistics of my life, being a full time proof of the struggles, defeats, endurance, resilience, patience and finally, the victories I have had. You’re my graph of happiness and a charter of my maturity. As I get maturer, so do my words. I feel complete within them. I see the endless power they withhold. I never saw myself being this true to my life. And what else do I ask of myself, but to be true to my own instincts, beliefs and values?

Before I had you, I didn’t know what it was like to reveal one’s soul to someone. You are that someone for me, only that you are not ‘living’. But, you live in my life, my mind and most of all, you live in my world, fantasical and real, both. You are much more lively than most humans I encounter, because you let me give you life through my words with every passing day. 

You let me give you life. I have never written or spoken this sentence before. See, that’s the beauty of you. I come up with novel ways of expression when I am writing to you. That’s majorly because I don’t hide from you, or limit my potential of perception when with you. I perceive all things as I am, and it’s because of you that I attach strings of wisdom and depth to it. In the usual world, one time is mostly abrupt, but you allow me to perceive every person, experience and event twice; sometimes even thrice or more.

I wish you could respond to my thoughts. You know me in such depth, that no human ever can, or ever will. I don’t think they would want to. Thank you for accepting me in my entirety, for letting me bleed without literally bleeding and curing my wounds by solely being open and welcoming to them. I have realized, they never really wanted to be healed by a magic potion or in a hurry, all they wanted was to be accepted and given enough time to mend on their own.

In you, I find my solace. In you, I find my infinity. You are my most prized treasure. Thank you for keeping my words safe. For once, I have the slightest hope of not being erased into oblivion.

Yours truly. 


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