Hello there! I am Muskan Lamba. I am a 17 year old Indian. I like to write, make art and photograph. I am an optimistic individual who likes to hope for the best and plans to prepare for the worst. I am a dog lover, a mummy to 3 stray dogs who mean the world to me. They are also my favourite to talk to. I choose family over everything else, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to make my parents happy.

The world is a strange place and we make it stranger, but I am absolutely perplexed by its wondrousness. I have a great fear of shallow living. Softness is my greatest strength. My ability to feel deeply is my most beloved possession. I am fascinated by nature.  I like to find beauty, poetry, art and music in the most shunned places. I think it exists everywhere.

“My strength is not in my bravado, but in my quiet” and somehow I have made peace with that. People have often mistaken my wounds for my identity, but I am so much more. I don’t let others’ views cloud or overpower my perception of myself and my life. I practice self-love. I believe nobody can ever be alone if they learn to be with themselves, and that’s what I am currently learning.

I have always believed in the line I wrote years back: “Everybody should smile. I have never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.” For the same reason, I like to spread smiles and positivity in my environment.

Sky is the limit. I have given myself the permission to rise and I am halfway there.